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Our intermediary institutions provide all services free of cost, hence there is no income generated. Our partner institutions operate with the involvement of government, corporations and individuals, all coming together for the common good of society.

Please take the time to watch the videos under, “Our Motivation” to get an idea of the benefits your support will generate.

We have two categories for those willing to participate in our mission of “Love in Action”, non-financial and financial. Please click on the button at bottom for non-financial support. For those who would like to participate financially, a general guide is provided below to the areas that DWFC supports. To find out more about your area/s of interest please contact us at [email protected] with your phone number please.

Education Campuses and Admin:

Supporting/ contributing to students’ education:

  • From grade 6-12 – e1e1 – this covers a student’s education, boarding and all associated costs.
  • University – Similar to above. Being a university, the costs are higher.
  • Post graduate – Similar to above. However, costs vary depending on the chosen profession.

Op-Ex and more

  • Op-Ex – Covers operational costs that includes administration and maintenance costs for running 27+ campuses. Student fees cover only education, boarding, lodging, campus security, teachers’ salaries etc. but not op-ex.

General Fund covers:

  • Hospitals – medicines, equipment, staff salaries, maintenance
  • Furniture and Text Books
  • Computer and AV equipment
  • Equipment
  • Kitchen
  • For functions – tents, poles, electrical etc
  • Sports Equipment
  • Music Instruments – western and eastern
  • Gowshala – maintenance and feed
  • Community Seva – feeding the poor in surrounding villages, disaster relief, awareness program for health and sanitation etc.


  • New Campus Construction – wealthy individuals or corporations can contribute to build complete campuses
  • Construction of university expansion
  • Teaching Hospital Construction

Nutrition: Annapoorna Breakfast Program

  • Saisure supplements and hot breakfast for needy school going children

Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals – Sponsoring:

  • Heart surgeries
  • Cath Interventions
  • AnteNatal Care for pregnant mothers
  • New Hospital construction

Divine Will Foundation (Canada) always has a number of projects in progress. If you wish your donation to be directed towards a specific project or program, please let us know and we will, of course, do so. If you do not specify a project, your funds will be used where they are most needed. You can either mail a check, e-transfer or use your credit card.

Your privacy is important to us. Your names and contact information are NOT shared with anyone but the board members of DWFC and our accountants (as required).

Divine Will Foundation is a registered Charity with the CRA and all donations are tax-deductible.

Tax-deductible donation receipts issued for donations for $50 or more.

Gifts given to DWF Canada become the property of DWF Canada. DWF Canada has ultimate control, authority, and discretion with regard to its assets. All projects completed by DWF Canada are at its sole and independent discretion. Donor/s will receive no tangible benefit or privilege from DWF Canada in return for its donation. Donated gifts are non-refundable.

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Divine Will Foundation (Canada)
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– To wire money directly or to set up a recurring donation through your bank, please contact Divine Will Foundation (Canada) at [email protected] and we will send you the information.


You can donate using your credit card or checking account on Paypal by clicking on the Participate button below. You do not need a Paypal account.


You can e-transfer funds to [email protected]. Funds are automatically deposited in DWFC bank account.

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