Education is one of DWFC’s core initiatives. Currently we support the Loka Seva Group of Gurukulams in Bharat (India) through the Prashanthi Balamandira Trust (PBMT). This is a unique and innovative approach to education based on the ancient education system of India which imparts a values-based education free of cost to children in rural India. This includes both a complete academic education through graduate school as well as a spiritual education based on the non-sectarian teachings of the ancient Sanathana Dharma.

Bharat (India)
The ultimate goal of this unique educational initiative is said to be “Developing Brilliant Minds, Competent Hands and Compassionate Hearts”. Divine Will Foundation (Canada) proudly supports this group of institutions through our collaborative efforts with the Prashanthi Bala Mandira Trust, Each One Educate One and Each One Embrace One programs. Formerly the Loka Seva Group of Institutions, the system has changed its name to the Loka Seva Gurukulams indicating a return to the excellence of education once seen throughout Bharat (India) in the ancient days. Collaborating with the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), these institutions offer the highest quality and most innovative approach in academic education (Apara Vidya) combined with the deepest, most profound spiritual education (Para Vidya) based on the ancient culture of Bharat (India). The goal is to provide a complete Values Based Education which is aimed at allowing each student to develop their full capacity, becoming a well-rounded, highly competent contributing member of society.Click to Read More »
Joy Villages represent an ideal of human community centered on awakening the inherent capacity within each one of us to love and be loved and to come to know our true Self through kind services of Educare, Medicare and Sociocare. Located in Joy Village, The Embodiment of Love Academy (TELA) was established in 2012 to provide free values-based education to impoverished children from more than 48 surrounding villages. Its aim is to pave the way to a new secular and spiritual approach in the field of education to provide transformative, integral educational programing for the blossoming of human excellence within teachers and the children.Click to Read More »