Mexico Center for
Human Excellence

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Chihuahua center in Mexico. From ancient times Mexico and its free people have been very spiritual, but this has been lost through modernization. Yet there are still people in society with great moral standards. Although the tree has fallen its roofs are still intact and there is hope that the tree can grow again. Mexico and the Mexican people still have those roots in faith in god. In love for god and love for others. Unfortunately, due to influences from the material world and people around them, they have suffered a great loss. However, a new spiritual revolution is about to begin here. Many revolutions have taken place on this very soil, in this land. For any great revolution to start, only one person is needed, once that person leads a life of sacrifice and altruism, everyone will join him. Therefore, if you really want to serve your own country, and your people, your brothers and sisters, lead a spiritual life and show them the correct way.